Three Column Dropdown Menu

I’m trying to make a three column dropdown menu like in the attached mockup with headers and links below that. Is that possible with the pre-built dropdown component or does it need to be custom built?


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Hello @bbmettler

I think the mega menu is absolutely possible with the dropdown menu.

See mega drop down menu >

I love making things from scratch, but the menu can be made.

Hope this helps

Piter :webflow_heart:

Is there any tutorials or videos on how to do this? I tried adding a div to the dropdown and moving the menu inside of that but that didn’t work.

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Can you share your read-only link?

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Where you want the mega nav to be? Data center, all standards, news?

In the News menu. So within that menu I need 3 columns of links

Still can’t get anything to work. I tried this method ( where you insert a column in to the dropdown but I couldn’t get the columns to widen so that the links would work.

I also tried making the Webflow mega menu ( but that’s complicated and really more than I need.

Any other ideas?

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I will share a screen record where you can see how I’m making a three column dropdown menu using the dropdown element.

Give me 10 min.

@bbmettler Check here >

Everything is working :blush: Links ect.

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

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Awesome! I got it working.

Thanks for your help Piter! I appreciate it.

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Hi Piter, I am struggling with the same task. Do you still have the video you can share with me? Thanks.

Do you still have the loom? The link points to a 404 now.