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Thoughts on this slider? Text crashing in small viewports

Hello helpful WF community!

Check out the slider on my share link. When I make the viewport small the text in the slideshow goes on top of the image. I thought it would just go to the Tablet view but that did not happen. Any thoughts to get the slider to not do that at that viewport size on desktop?

I have the left column in each slide a fixed height so that they would be a uniform height regardless of having uneven amounts of text, could this be an issue?

Thanks for any help yall!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Which slider? everything looks ok to me.

Ahh, thanks @DFink I worked it out and neglected to update here!

If anyone else had been interested, I used the tablet settings in the sidebar to force changes to the layout on smaller viewports that were not appearing in tablet view. I was able to stack the columns using that setting vs having them want to remain side by side.