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Thoughts on this product?

Hi guys,

I’m currently testing a new “way” of giving a website/ service feedback.

In short, it allows users to record their feedback and leave a “voice mail”. To be honest I have never seen it anywhere and I’m testing on how many people would feel confortable leaving a voice mail / voice feedback.

Link to Demo click here

Any feedback is welcome, let me know what you think.



Hi Eddy,

There are 2 things for me here :
1/ I tried to click those arrows next to the text and it doesn’t do anything, which is frustrating…
2/ Although the idea is actually cool, I wouldn’t use this. For some reason I don’t like to allow Chrome/Websites too much control over my computer, so when the popup asking “Do you want to let access your mic” comes up, I click “no”… I can’t explain why, probably an unjustified fear of creating a security breach on my computer, but still it’s here. Not sure if others have that too or not.


Hah next on Hotjar :slight_smile:

Hi guys, thank you for your feedback. @Pasint, to your point, I have the same fear when turning on my mic. In fact this was the BIIIIG question, do people feel comfortable enabling the Mic. For now I’m testing the idea and measuring the engagement. Give the engagement rate is high enough its an idea worth pursuing, otherwise there are many others worth testing;)

Thanks again for everyone feedback:)

You’re welcome, and good luck with this. You got the right approach anyway, the answer’s always in the data :wink:

Quick updated:
Interaction rate and record rate after 30 days of testing was minimal and did not meet the threshold for me to continue developing the idea. Going after the next one;) #keeptesting

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Hi !

Which tool did you use for voice recording ?