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Thoughts on 'The Worst Portfolio Ever'?

Now then again forum,

I stumbled across an article from Alex Cornell, a designer at Facebook, the other day. It’s called ‘The Worst Portfolio Ever’ and is a site dedicated to the things he dislikes most about portfolio sites he has seen and reviewed.

He describes the site in detail here:

Though it’s quite old, it definitely resonated with me as I’m currently rebuilding my own online portfolio using Webflow… and unfortunately I have fallen prey to some of the habits that Alex hates! But I did wonder if he is being too harsh… What do you guys think?

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To put it simply, create a website that explains who you are, why you do what you do, then lastly, show what you have done.

When you focus on what makes you unique, you can then find a layout that also expresses that.

I’ve written an article about this:

Find inspiration for a new layout from movies, video game UI, helmet HUDs, nature, space, things that AREN’T websites. For example, here is where my next inspiration is coming from:


I actually designed(redesigned) my portfolio with “I just want to see your work. Right away.” in mind. Even though there a some really nice sites out there I was thinking on how I use them. A quick look at the site, scrolling up and down, go to the section where I can see what the person has done and the I leave. Simple as that.

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Yup… thats how I tend to design, get inspired by other media. Specially 3d animation from Pixar. You can spot things and create something totally different but new.

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I was about to give a long response on why I disagree with his website, then I re-read your post.

I paused for a moment and thought, it’s just his opinions. I don’t necessarily disagree with all of them, but I definitely don’t agree with the way he presented them. It’s all about what he doesn’t like and why he doesn’t like it, instead of what he does like.

My opinion is that his opinion is just as good as your opinion, and the only opinion that matters is the future client visiting your portfolio. :wink:


I totally agree, that was one of my major gripes with the article in general, it is incredibly negative and is verging on a rant. Had he talked about some of the stuff people are mentioning in this thread the article would have been more enjoyable and useful!

My personal take on all of this is to find a balance between stripping everything back and letting your work speak for itself, and creating a tone of voice (a visual look-and-feel and in the site’s copy) that speaks about you and your approach as a designer. I don’t buy into Alex’s (the writer’s) notion that all portfolio sites should be stripped right back to just show the work. I think we’d end up with a web full of bland, generic looking sites!

That’s why I think the best portfolio sites show the work clearly but give you a feeling just from looking at the design of the website and the words on it of who the designer is as a person. Hopefully this is the sort of thing clients/companies look for. :smile:

Also @PixelGeek just been reading your Medium posts, very helpful!


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But yeah… reading the guys opinion is just that. Opinion. And you know what they say about opinions right? “Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.”