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This weird ghost effect


I am working on the site and have this nice effect when u click on sign up that a sign up form appears out of no where. But now there is a glitch, it shows up when I click on features. I looked at all the elements within the navbar, but the effect is only set for the button. So why is it coming up?

See here the video:

This is my shared link:

Also the page loads pretty slow, it might be because of the image. What is the lowest size I could resize them too, that would be ideal?

I knew it just by reading your post :wink: You’ve affected the interaction to the whole Navbar element by mistake (:

Common Webflow mistake number #4 (:

Thanks @vincent Every day we learn. Maybe u start a tumblr or a buzzfeed post with all the common webflow mistakes :smiley:

I may or may not have begun to build such a thing :wink:

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