This site won Site of the Day on

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I feel like I just landed on Tim & Eric’s Awesome website… and I like it :wink: Great Job!

Are you kidding me?.. :flushed:

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Hahaha…trippy site. A great time travel back to the 90s when just about 99% of all websites where under construction :smile:

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I love this site. It definitely deserves it. I am shocked at how fast it loaded and runs with all of that crap on the screen.

I miss the days of god aweful web design. Star backgrounds and spinning skulls.

Totally love this! This site has more soul and personality than all these “big-hero-image-bootstrap-style” stuff you see everywhere. It actually feels…human.

A look back on the history of websites is not only funny to look at how much we improved but also to see where some of the ideas we use today evolved from; and where we might get to go. The other thing is that it is utterly well made! It not only feels like a 90’s website (without actually being one, just notice the amount of information it loads and its responsiveness), it also works, bringing up some GeoCities websites to life!

It works, it is important and it is funny. Should be site of the month! The only one that tops that attempt for me would be windows 93’s web experiment.

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