This is not right. Webflow needs to do much better

After 2 months, I am still very frustrated with webflow. Way too much time is being wasted on dealing with bugs.

Time is money. I am starting to think I made a mistake choosing webflow because I starting to think I can’t make a living with webflow.

On the page below the WIDTH of a basic unrelated blue div block is controlling the offset of the animation(scroll into view) in the footer.

The problem is only on mobile devices. I tested 3 phones and the results are the same. If you go to the mobile breakpoint in the designer you won’t see the problem.

Wide blue div block

Narrow blue div block

I wasted so much time trying to figure out what the problem was because my actually page is more complicated that the links I posted above.

Seriously this is ridiculous… webflow you need to do way better.