This is not possible to build solely with interactions, correct?

Just want to ask if anyone believes this can be done with interactions / built in webflow tools (tabs)? I know how to do this with JavaScript, but if it could be done in platform I’d prefer that.

If anyone knows / wants to chime in let me know.

From the Webflow homepage:

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If you mean tabs, each with video playback and autoplay on tab-switch, plus a progress bar tracked with the video duration, that auto-switches to the next tab on video completion…
no you need custom code to do most of the video interaction.

@memetican - I don’t actually need the video, just an image transition and for the subhead text to appear on click/current. The progress bar would be a nice to have as well, not necessary.

That’s quite a different set of design requirements from the component you showed-

The tabs element already has a current state you can use. Drop in custom CSS to show-hide child elements of the tab depending on that .w--current class.
You should be able to do some form of transitions for your images as well.

If you want fancier transitions, you could hide the tabs content area, and have the tab click trigger interactions to show and hide other content on the page however you want to build it.

Progress bar could be an interaction as well triggered on click, but it wouldn’t do anything on completion. Any UX functionality there like variable-length timings, or an auto-tab change you’d need to custom code.

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Thanks @memetican - good callout on the current class that gets added. I’ll play around with it a bit and reply with what works / doesn’t.