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This feature with interactions?

I really would like to use this feature within my site, but i want to know is it achieveable with interactions… or should i just use the javascript?

If webflow were able to use IDs with interactions this would make things so much simpler.

Hi @bwalls1992, you can simply link the linkblocks to sections by using ID and than go to one of sections and add the style on current status. After that just add transitions and thats it :slight_smile: Write if yo need more help with it.


thanks @MaciejIVE do u have gchat? I have some further questions about this, or the best way to chat?

No, I don’t use it, write here :slight_smile:

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OK, well i will explain here then @MaciejIVE. Thanks for helping again! Much appreciated

I have a sidebar setup on page and i am trying to get the 2 features listed in that jsfiddle link:

  1. Menu to change background colour on scroll depending on the ID
  2. Click the active menu and the menu slides to that ID point in the sidebar

Does this make sense? I cant seem to get both features without making soo many classes.

live link:


  1. Try this FREEBIE: Background change on scroll
  2. I see that you have IDs and links set well but I really don’t know why is it not working. I wish I could help you…

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