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This editor is beautiful. Just a question regarding the plans

Firstly I would like to say that I have messed with pretty much every web editor in the “codeless” category for years. I am currently using a popular one for my job but am bored with its limitations and the lack of a lot of freedoms that Webflow currently has. I have now been dabbling with Webflow more actively for the last few weeks and absolutely love the structured approach over the free ‘drag anywhere’ ala Photoshop style.

Now to my question. What are the folks at Webflow’s thoughts on the website limit on the plans, ever thought of getting rid of them? I mean do we really need a limit to how many websites we make, especially when there is a $5/month price to host each site with Webflow anyways? The pricing model is actually really good and comparable or better than your competitors, it’s just those site limits that get me while asking for $5 extra per month to host a single site.

Either way you folks have a great product that I hope more codeless designers adopt. The other web editors out there don’t teach you the first thing about HTML/CSS structure and cause a lot of bad habits.

which one are you using now for your job? I have been testing may ‘codeless’ editors in the past few months, but Webflow is the best so far. Don’t they have a $70/ month team plan that allows you 100+ sites?.

Hi angela. I am currently using Adobe Muse which is the best alternative right now and it comes with CC so that is a plus. However the absolute positioning, horrible code generation, no responsive or fluid layouts, among other things that Webflow does amazingly that Muse can’t do gets annoying. It is not all bad though because they do offer some cool parallax features, the ability to create unlimited websites, you can develop ‘widgets’ for it to easily add embeddable content and some Jquery content, and because it is an app it has its own file format so you can freely share or sell your .muse files as themes. Check They have a section for Muse templates. (EDIT: Sorry if I am not suppose to be posting about other products).

But ultimately Webflow has more pros than cons. They have the right idea of what a cordless editor should be while still keeping the structure intact. You could almost learn to code using this editor and not even realize it.

$70/month is quite expensive just to have unlimited websites, however it is not expensive because of the extra features that plan has like templating and team collaboration. The pricing model for features is very far in my opinion but I just don’t see the point of a website limit on anything but the micro-plan which comes with hosting free.

The $70 a month for an agency probably isn’t too much as they would be saving more than that with production ready sites, thereby reducing the hours of billing from the developers. However, It’s quite a bit for one person at the moment. I think once Webflow adds more features, it might be worth the price. If Webflow does really take off and gains critical mass along with more advance features, then I believe that a real change in codeless design will finally come to fruition. Though if you compare it to CC at $50 per month for the whole Creative Suite, then Webflow does seem pricey.