Third-party providers for Blog comments

Hello. Has anyone tried POWR [] for inserting a comment field into webflow blogs?

or has anyone found a simple alternative to Disqus?

Sincerely appreciate your feedback.

I’ve used Disqus earlier and it’s great. You don’t like disqus?

Hello and thanks. My client is looking for a free service. Disqus has a monthly fee.

If I’m correct you can use Disqus for free

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I’m using intense debate. It’s good enough but needed a lot of customization to make it look up-to-date-ish


Thank you. It looks like there is no fee for it. I don’t mind updating some styling, but I hope if I run into any problems, I can reach out to you for help.

@WG910 glad you like my recommendation. If you don’t feel comfortable editing CSS, I would go with the basic option you shared. I can’t guarantee this will be the perfect fit for you, any custom code is always your own responsibility.
While I enjoy helping out here on the forum, everyone does this on a volunteer basis.
I want you to know that before making a decision. We’d all love to help with case-by-case issues but can’t help with a full customization.
I hope you understand :slight_smile: .

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hello again Sarah. can i see how Intense Debate looks on your website?

thank you!

@WG910 sure. Here’s a link to a blog post it’s very much under construction still.