Thinking of migrating my site. Looking for insights

Hi guys. I’m running a website that I’ve built in Webflow. The styling and animation features in Webflow is phenomenal, but there are a few key features I know I will never be able to build in there.

I just found Bubble and I’m thinking maybe this might be powerful enough for it to be worth rebuilding it inside of my site.

First I need to evaluate if this is actually true, and for that, I need your help. I’ll list some the key things I need Bubble to be able to do and then I’ll pray to the FSM that someone with deep knowledge can give me an estimated yay or nay on each of them.

Create a database for “items”. An item is a conference with information like name, topic, city, description, image, date, location, and a few more similar ones.

Create multiple dynamic lists of those items that can be prefiltered. For example, only show items that have a certain date or location.

The filter inside those lists. Once the list is populated; I need to be able to apply multiple dropdown filters to it. For example topic, city or date. I need to update the content of the list without a page refresh (obviously). I’ve used mixitup.js for this previously.

A “favorite system” where a user can click on a heart on an item and that item is then added to that specific user’s “favorite list”

A login and a user profile page where I can display: that users “favorite list”

An email notification feature where I can send an email to a user when one of her favorited conferences has 4 weeks left before the start date

An RSS feature where I can aggregate new items using different filters. Preferably being able to set up specific RSS feeds with specific sets of filters (so far I’ve done this with Zapier, but they’re expensive). I do this to be able to send emails to users when a new item has been added in their location. If I can do this without using RSS feeds that’d also be acceptable.

Thank you so much in advance. I’m really hoping to get some positive answers as I’ve hit quite the dead end with Webflow.