Thinking of buying "Creativity" but portfolio looks tricky

Hi, I’m thinking of buying the “Creativity” template for my own website mainly because I really like the portfolio eg:

I loaded the template in the Designer and was surprised it’s not built as a collection and it looks very tricky to use with so many layers. I would definitely need to re-build this gallery as a collection as I have at least 50 portfolio images to add to mine.

My question is: would it take a lot of skill and pain to re-create this template so the portfolio is a working collection or would it make more sense to start from a blank slate and follow a tutorial if there is one that can teach me how to make a similar portfolio… ? I’m really not sure what to do …


Hi @Kulsha

In my opinion, you have more control starting from scratch.
Of course in my case, I already have a somewhat good understanding of Webflow, but like you said, you can watch a tutorial and learn some tricks :slight_smile:

You can start with @PixelGeek’s Workshops, there are some things he shows you there that you won’t find in Webflow’s tutorials (and it also helps when someone is explaining in more detail for some stuff)

Another tip I would give you, is to start simple and then improve your design :slight_smile:
If you start arranging the homepage to completion, there’s a chance you’ll have to come back after finishing other pages and change something.


Use the templates structure to built your website from scratch. it really helps understanding webflow quickly.Also go to showcase and check clonable sites. really good stuf for get you started. I’ve done this several times and now I am able to replicate without inspecting other’s works. Webflow is very good teacher for design.

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@Dogukan_Uzak Wow that is impressive! I love it. Did you use a widget for the instagram feed? Looks great and well done!

Thanks @IggsTP

I’ll check out the PixelGeek videos for sure. It looks like I’ll need to start from scratch and keep it simple to begin with. I am definitely wanting more control. Looks like I have some work ahead of me now :slight_smile:

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Check here they will give you the creativity training!
Culture of Innovation