Thinking about best option to integrate shopify

Hi there,

I have two cases which i will need some help with. Hope you guys understand it.

I am about to integrate with shopify to be able to automatically send the orders to my fulfillment centers. I am thinking about which way is the easiest to connect as there are multiple orders.

I need to offer IDeal to my customers (Dutch payment service). The way i do this currently:

webflow website - has buttons that go to specific link - Link is payment link from stripe. This way i can offer IDeal with webflow.

I am now thinking of using shopify to solve this problem but i dont know which way is the easiest. I also still need to be able to offer IDeal. So payment has to go through stripe directly or redirect to shopify. Does integrating shopify solve this?

Another option is to use an automation software like zapier or integromat. To connect with the fulfillmentcenter. This case i dont have to connect with shopify at all and safe the subscription fee.

Anyone of you familiar with a case like this? All the help is welcome!