They said I could ask this here: Anyone want to collaborate on a health, mental health web project?

I don’t see many posts on here like this (but he said!)…

But I really like WebFlow, it inspired me to quit trying to learn code.

But I’ve gotten worse, and pretty focused on writing and producing content (exploring more photography and video/film), specifically on health and mental health issues, mostly using personal experiences to start then branching off organically to touch on both broader clinical/medical as well as industry and policy topics relating to various issues.

I’m heading to Durham, North Carolina (from Cali) this weekend to spend three months at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center, after gaining 100 lbs in just ~3 years. The weight gain was rooted in a mental health & medication issue, w/ a combo of errant prescribed guidance then ultimately misuse issues. I resolved this issue and I’m moving forward to the Duke program very motivated and in full trust of their staff and structure.

I’ve been really active with creative nonfiction writing. I did have a short memoir ebook published a couple years back by a millennial oriented type digital publisher about personal mental health experiences.

I used to be pretty active with competitive sports in my school days so I’m eager to tap back into some of that and really take advantage of the opportunity and time I have to radically renovate my health and lifestyle. Obviously the transformation would be something to use as a backbone to start, but I really want to make it collaborative and hopefully not too much navel gazing!

I did dabble in the pre-medicine science classes and some neuro lab research in undergrad, to flesh out that dimension of the content. I’m intrigued by video in particular and how Webflow might offer a unique platform for viewing off YouTube. I love the design aesthetics possible with Webflow.

I have an account and have played around in the past, but think it might be cool to collaborate with someone also interested in the topics of mental health and health (and humor and a bit of general culture/pop culture), but more interested in the technical website building part, functionality, and interface. This is super important because I think it would be great to compile resources and useful guides, leads, etc. that can be updated (not just the more “editorial content”). Community message boards, etc. etc. I’m sort of imagining an open-ended hub of “all things mental health and health” with a diverse and accessible personality, then defining it way more down the road (should that be necessary), or just keeping it sort of hybrid blog/“web magazine” plus resources and help source.

Would really love to keep things informal and experiment, but I know I’ve hot a unique chunk of time and experience/events lined up that bode well with such a project in terms of content, but others do not. I’m very open, but just wanted to give as much detail about what’s top of mind just to avoid being too nebulous or impulsive–very very committed to investing my time into this, regardless. It would be unhealthy for me not to figure out a constructive but also creative project for these interests.

Anyhoo, drop me an email if you want to swap ideas! Email address plus Facebook link also in my profile here. Best! –Marty

Hey @MartyMaguire,

I like the way you think :wink: I always stick to building websites for particular niches. Here’s something I designed recently for my favourite fruit (notice the post page is similar to YouTube) -

You can also open the Webflow designer and see how I’ve built it

You’re only limited to your own imagination. Take a look at Webflow templates and see how it’s structured and styled. That’s the best way to learn how to build/design awesome Webflow websites.

All the best,

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When taking on such a kind of project, the first question which comes to my mind, is has someone else already done that (hybrid blog/“web magazine” thing) ? If so, what would make yours deserve place under the sun so to say? What is going to be its unique value proposition?

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