There is a font dropping my site's speed but it's not in my installed fonts

Hi there!

There is a font “Varela” which is dropping my site’s speed for mobile down and it’s not in my installed fonts at my project’s dashboard! Could you please look at it? It would be great if you could tell me where the font is so I can’t take it out!

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Welcome to the community @Pablo_Sanchez_Blanco!

The Varela font is actually a “standard” font that you can select within the font dropdown in the Designer:


If you started with a template (or used this font within another element) it’s possible that a style within your project is still using the font. I’d go through the site and make sure you’re not using on any of your active elements within any page as even a single instance will load the font on the published site.

If you don’t see anything, make sure you also go and remove unused styles (which may inadvertently have the font applied) by clicking the “Clean Up” link within the top of the Styles panel:


Just a heads up, having nearly 3000 unused styles is most definitely affecting site speed, so this clean up should be done regardless :+1:

Great, that solves the question!