There can only be one instance of this element on the page

I have created a login page and a sign-up page and I wish to copy the password-protected form element from a utility page to the blank page that I have created. I keep getting the error “There can only be one instance of this element on the page” whenever I try to copy it. Can someone please help?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -

Welcome @Zukhov :wave:

They don’t allow that, as you’ve found out with Memberships. you can only have the login and signup pages on the auto-generated pages they give you.

Thanks for your reply @ChrisDrit. I’m not sure I follow what you mean by “as you’ve found out with Memberships”. I can still create my own new sign-up and login pages, right?

Sorry, I assumed you were using Webflow Memberships? If so, you cannot create your own. The best you could do is create a native Webflow form that then triggers a Memberships invitation (through automation). But no login, no full blow registration.

Not sure what “password-protected form element” refers to, but if you’re referring to the login form specifically, and want it on other pages, e.g. a drop down from your nav you can accomplish this by duplicating the exact attributes you see generated on your login form.

It’s a bit of a manual process, since copy-paste won’t work. Also there’s no guarantee this will work long-term, as Membership is in BETA and this is not a formally specified feature.