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The wishlist is an epidemic against creativity in the forum

“Feel free to add your thoughts to our wishlist → :slight_smile:

The top reason why Webflow works for so many in its current format is because you can achieve (almost) anything on your website while taking the burden off of mundane tasks like hand-coding HTML & CSS. Some functionality may not be native to Webflow, and you may need some custom code, but you can achieve it (almost always).

Once upon a time, the forum was full of such solutions. Folks like bart, PixelGeek, Waldo, sabanna and cyberdave constantly saved the day out of the goodness of their own hearts. Now they are on staff and are able to help out even more, and they do - constantly (a top selling point of using Webflow!). I am truly grateful every time they have a solution to something that requires a brain better than my own.

This is why I am so saddened by “Feel free to add your thoughts to our wishlist → :slight_smile:

With 409 items “Under Consideration”, I can’t imagine my little thought that could be solved quickly with a patch of custom code or a third party solution, one that someone else has likely already experienced and solved, will ever make the elusive “In Development” category. Mentioning the Wishlist is a cop out to coming up with solutions.

The Wishlist has its place. It is, in theory, a nice way to show what the staff is working on. We all understand why you can’t have more concrete timelines and information and this is at least something. The voting and adding new ideas is very broken, and probably unnecessary; all people really want is to know what to expect from the tools they are building their livelihood around.

I guess you could say my Wish is that the Wishlist were never mentioned on the forum again. It kills creativity.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s greatly appreciated. We’ll be investing more time into organizing the wishlist so that it’s clear what we’re likely to work on. Our suggestion to chime in the wishlist is to make it easy to reference and communicate with users when we plan on working on that feature. We’ll work on ways to communicate this better.