The Vibe Movement - Just Launched!

Hi All,

I just wanted to share a new site my company finished just today. The client was awesome and the cause was awesome. =)

Any feedback would be much appreciated!





Good hero BG image that starts to deliver the message. I love your use of color throughout the site, except for the What can the Vibe Movement do for you? section, it’s just too much white and breaks the color pallette that you’ve established before I get to this section. This section also has a much different feel to it… it’s not as fun as the rest of the site. It’s like: “OK, you’ve had enough fun, now let’s get down to business!” From a Digital Marketing perspective, this breaks the engagement for me for the rest of the site because it’s gray area to me in emotional intent. If that makes sense.

Side scroll menu…

  • Using this (vs. the slower mouse wheel scroll) scrolls past large areas of content when I click the dots. If this is acceptable, is the content being skipped really necessary? Note: I’m using a 32" monitor, so this may perform fine on smaller viewports. I can shoot a video to show you this behavior.

  • On mobile views, I’d like a tappable phone number at the top of the page.

  • In some sections, the menu all but (and in some cases does) disappear:

That’s my usual 2¢. No offense intended.

Take care,

Very unique website and very nicely done.

Great job @jesmes15 :slight_smile:

Take care