The three most recurring problems with the CMS system for clients

This happens on nearly very site that I have made.

1. Edit collections
The client editors is allowed to edit text from collection content directly on the page instead of through the collections panel. This is sort of a good idea, but it seems that there is a lot of bugs happening when the client edit collections text directly on the page. If the texts is edited through the collections panel there is usually no problems. When the clients is allowed to edit collections texts directly on the page, they do not understand what is ‘page content’ and what is ‘collection content’. And I get a lot of complaints that “the CMS system is not working”.

Could there be a color overlay when clicking on the collection content that warns the client that this content should be edited through the collections panel (for best result)?

2. Headings in client editor
The client has access to all headings h1 to h6 in the rich text editor. AND THEY USE THEM ALL! :exploding_head: Also the names “h1” or “h3” is very cryptic for many clients. There should be an option to limit the number of headings the client can use in the rich text editor and the designer should be able to set custom names, like “Heading” or “Sub heading”.

3. Custom order on collection items
FOR GOD’S SAKE please let the designer/client set drag-and-drop custom order on collection items. This is a recurring pain in the butt on nearly all projects!!