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The tabs settings are bugged I cant select any other tab

Hello! I need help, I’m making a form in the section “tramites online” and it happens to me that when I want to choose the insurers it stays stuck and does not let me enter each one. That did not happen to me started to happen now and already restart the browser several times but it is not solved. Does anyone know how I can fix it ?!

in this image, the right column cant select any other tab…

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

No, i cant change the tabs “set active tab” la caja, provincia seguros qbe etc…

All your tabs have the same content, so it looks like it’s not working, but they are actually switching to the next tab (with same content)


If you want to edit the content separately, you have to unlink the symbol.

No, it not that problem…
I cant change that, but now it solved… thanks.


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