The solution for the missing baseline grid

Hey guys,

I was just wondering what the current status of the baseline grid in webflow was and well it seems there haven’t been any improvements yet. So I took a look around and I think for now I found a solution that every designer here should make very happy.

Have you heard of It is an awesome stylesheet that you can overlay on your design to apply your baseline grid and it is super flexible.

how does it work?
place an HTML embed element inside your body structure and paste this snippet in there

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">

you can replace the number at the end with any value you want your baseline grid to be. It will then add an overlay to your page and you can start to get the vertical rhythm flowing.

Oh and if you don’t know which font-size and line-height you should choose. I can highly recommend


Thanks for that! I also use the Baseliner extension in Chrome, if that’s of use to anyone.

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