The Slider Nav in the Slider Element, Needs to be Changed / Updated

As the title states, I really think Webflow should change how the Slider Nav works in general.
I’ve seen so many forum posts from users wondering how to change the elements within the Slider Nav, such as Custom Icon, Size, Color, Border, and even Spacing that’s not locked to a PX value under the Slider Settings.

The Tab Element in Webflow works excellent, but the Slider has been neglected for too long on Webflow, primarily when Webflow is meant to be as very No Code Friendly as possible, and needing to go to the Forums to find Custom Code solutions seems to be counterintuitive.

I’m sure Webflow is working on some amazing new features, but I really think main elements like this can be tweeked and updated to support No Code Friendly users.

(If this is the wrong category for this type of Forum Post, I hope someone can change it to the correct one, thanks)

Hi @Justin_Aquilina,

Do you need help with a slider you’re building? There are ways to do it.