The site is buggy

Hello everyone!
I have developed a website on Webflow. But there was one very annoying problem.
The site is buggy and lags on different devices.

I don’t understand what is the reason. It probably does not depend on the device. I tried on a Macbook on M1 and on a laptop from Lenovo. Their website is buggy. I also tried it on other devices (HP, Dell) where it does not lag, although the devices themselves are older.

That is, the problem is apparently in the site and is somehow connected with Webflow itself. I have already coded sites without your platform and have never encountered such a problem.

The site has good results on, that is, the site is not overloaded (97 for desktop).

I even removed some animations so as not to load additionally. But that didn’t help me solve the problem.

I also cleared cache and history. It did not help.

I also tried in different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera). Same problem.

Here is a link to Google Drive, where you can clearly see how buggy my site is Video - Google Drive (It shows how the page Home and Jobs lag. Usually lags even more than in these videos.)

Here is my site:
Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Alev

This is my first Webflow project, so I may have made stupid mistakes. I hope you can help me solve my problem

Best regards,

PS: I know my English is bad so I apologize for it. I wrote this text using Google Translate.