The scrolling of the website falters

The scrolling of the website falters although the performance has 96 points with Chrome Lighthouse.
I tried everything …

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I dont understand you post Michael.
Web page scrolls fine but your talking about benchmark.
Can you add a bit more info for people like me to help.

Do you have no stuttering while scrolling? As if the browser would not keep up with the rendering …

No its smooth, I am using windows 10 and microsoft edge.
Looks quite nice by the way.
Let me know what else I can do/test with

Thanks a lot for your help!
Do you have Chrome on your PC? Because I’ve just this issue in Chrome.

how very dare you.
Hold on I have a virtual machine where I put a lot of browsers on for this very thing.

scrolls ok, do you have a video of what you are seeing?

I use the newest Chrome on OSx Big Sur

Ok I show you mine, wait a sec

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Got engineer fixing my internet line so im going on and off hence delay.
ignore sound I was watching a youtube at the time on camera stuff

Sometimes it remains a mystery …
But thank you!

Michael, if you want me to take a look at your website in more detail privately then pm me.
Happy to take donations as well. PS I don’t do templates or code.
Other than that take care.

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