The Residences at Jefferson Street [Apartment Leasing Concept]

I have attempted an apartment leasing site before but never followed through with it. I gave it another shot after being inspired by The Residences sites and I think I’ve done quite well. The logo design is based off a few of the The Residences logos because I could not think of anything else at the time.

Obviously some tabs don’t exist on my site since it is meant to be non-functional.

Let me know what you all think,
Webflame :fire:


hey good job, it’s clean and looks good.

You can put a max width on the msg field so it can’t be dragged out of the form. That’s very fine tuning though :slight_smile:

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As promised… Video Review: it weighs in 16 minutes and change, with only about 3 minutes that are useful. :smirk:

Take care,

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