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The recurring Grid issue


Before I write this post, I went to previous posts regarding the customization of grids in Webflow and it has been my observation that people kept on asking since five or so years ago but no attention has been given to this burning issue.

I would like to know:

  1. When is the customizable grid feature coming?
  2. Can I in the meantime add custom code for my grid system?
  3. Is there a Webflow code template I can use to do this?


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What grid layout do you have in mind? You can build your own and highly customized grid layouts using either the rows/columns or just using divs with float or better use divs and flexbox settings.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have been doing that.

The challenges:

  • it is not a replacement for the site grid where you are able to toggle the preview on and off on command

  • If it is set on z-index positive to overlay the design, it is a great distraction as you can’t fluidly edit content thereafter without bypassing the “grid.” If set at the back on the z-index then it doesn’t overlay the design.

These are the main issues.

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