The published version is different from the preview version

In my designer’s preview mod, the navbar is fine. For example, when the page scrolls to “To our affiliate” section, the content “affiliates” in the nav bar turns to purple and the padding is still the same. However, for the published page, the padding will be changed and I don’t know why. :exploding_head:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Chika_Wang - please provide your read-only and published page urls for troubleshooting.

Hey Chika, I opened both your read-only site(
) and your published site (assuming this ( is the right link?).

The padding for the “For Affiliates” box looks the same to me in both the read-only site and the published site. Can you describe more what the issue is? Perhaps a screenshot of what you see on the read-only site vs. the published site would help.