The problem with the image. Create a parallax effect within the menu using the CMS elements | CLOSED

Hi, everybody. I have a slightly unusual question.

I have created a collection-menu so that the user can add a menu by himself, in just a few clicks.

And I have a problem with images inside illusions (rectangles inside the menu). The fact that they have to move with the rest of the objects (illusions) to create the effect of parallax, as if the image cuts through the illusion. The problem is that the images must constantly shift one way by 60 vw for this effect to be created.

And it turns out that after the second illusion (the second menu - about) the image is not enough. A great option is just to increase it, for example, to make the image size not 100 vw, but 500. And it helps, but the picture quality becomes pixel.

I tried to create a zero opacity for illusions while moving and set the motion of the images to 0 vw, and after opacity when I increase it to 100% move the image to-60vw. But… It doesn’t help either.

This problem is easy to solve, if not for the need to associate a menu with CMS. I would just create a different position for each image. But here the images are one object. They have the same moves and the same properties.

I solved the problem. After a long search for a solution-managed to do something less acceptable.