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The new tool in Style Panel Beta is not good for us who use Wacom Tablet

Hi Webflow!
Before I started with Webflow I read and heard that Webflow was for designers. And all designers I know use Wacom Tablets or some tablets like Wacom.

I have now tried the new tool in Style Panel Beta, and I must say I am really disappointed. It is not for us who use Wacom Tablets? Because now the scroller in the right is gone with the new beta panel??
Since I have been bothered with tennis elbow, I have to use a Wacom tablet, to be able to design. And I can’t understand that this scroller is taken away? So dear Webflow could you please keep the old scroller to the right as it is in the old version ?? And could you please think about us designers who use Wacom tablets? It is impossible now to use a Wacom tablet with no scroller in this new beta version.

Thanks a lot

Does your tablet have a scroll wheel?

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Hi PixelGeek!

I didn’t need to use it in other works.
But now I see that it works with Webflow!!
Thanks a lot :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


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