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The :mailto URLs does not allow subject

I would like to be able to set a subject for my :mailto links in Webflow. Currently I get an error if I try to do that. See the screenshot.

Yes! I’ve tried doing the same thing only to get an error message. Definitely needs to be something that is included.

Any updates? still does not work

While I agree this would be great, I haven’t heard any info about this being added. If your so inclined you can add the suggestion to the Wishlist, and in the meantime you can do this “manually” with embed elements and dynamic fields:


If you only have one available custom field, you can always generate the subject from the collection item name along with any additional plain text as needed:


I think instead of an email field you can use a Rich text field in the collection and just create the mailto link there with the subject. Maybe?

Thanks for the ideas!

In my case I have to support both scenarios “mailto:” and “https://” urls.

This is a workaround I chose to go with in the end:

Also this works for image links with img src html tag:)

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