The Humans Strike Back

Anyone use HotJar? I just discovered their podcast called The Humans Strike Back, which they promote on a sub page of their website which is extremely simple and so very beautiful.
Hey @PixelGeek here it is:

Things you’ll love on desktop:
The top section has an email opt in right in middle of the hero, but then transforms to a small sticky div.

The background has a continuous parralax movement of the starry sky.

When you get to the bottom, the sticky div removes and places itself on the footer.

Plus, generally there’s a lot of nostalgic neon and Star Wars feels in there.

Edit: also on hover of each podcast episode, there’s a simple reveal of a play button and displays the current comment count , plus a bit of scaling.

Check it out and let’s do a live workshop on it!

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It’s got a very Daft Punk feel to it.

Yes!! Love it.

You know you’re all singing Work it, make it… now