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The Hinterlander - Lightroom Presets & Free iPhone wallapers


This is a personal website I created to host my Lightroom Presets, Free Phone wallpapers and a Spotify Playlist which all relate to my personal Landscape photography Instagram account -

The initial loading animation can be a bit glitchy sadly, and I’m not sure why, its just very basic webflow interactions. Still, it was a very fun personal project!

There is an interactive before/after slider mechanic built purely with webflow interactions on the Lightroom Presets page. Let me know if interested in how it works.


This is awesome! Those lightroom presets :open_mouth:

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Thanks dude, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Nice work dude !!! I’d personnaly prefer the before/after sliders to work on click though as it gives better user control.

Decent spotify playlist too :wink:

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Thanks, yeah true, but i dont think i can do that directly with webflow interactions.

hehe cheers :slight_smile:

Great presets, thank you!

I’d like to share some presets too. In this website you can get lots of FREE and easy-to-use presets! The website has lots of topics to match your project too! I’m sure you’ll like them. Just simply check them out!