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Hello Webflow Forum,

I’m new here and I just wanted to pop in and give a quick introduction.

My name is Jay, I’m 48 yrs old, and there is not a single person on this forum ho knows less than I do about web design or development. 6 moths ago the extent of my computer knowledge was how to search google, send email, buy something on Amazon, and log on to FB.

I won’t get into how I got here, but I am very happy that I stumbled across Webflow in late December. I have know idea what I’m doing, but whatever it is, I absolutely love it! So thank you for having me, and I apologize in advance for any/all absurdly basic questions Im sure I will be asking in the coming months as I explore this brand new webdesign universe. As intimidating as it all is, I could not be more excited to make a complete jackass of myself as I navigate my way through to some level of understanding, and hopefully create some surprisingly mediocre projects.

NOTE: If simple, basic, grossly simplistic questions test your patience, then please feel free to block me…I completely understand and there’s a good chance I would do the same if we were wearing each others shoes. And for those who do take the time to answer my questions, offer tips, encouragement, advice, and above all, constructive criticism, well god bless you! – and again, thanks in advance.
See you you all at the workshop tomorrow!



Hey Jay, great to have here on the forum and Webflow. I wanted to let you know that your not alone to start late in this business :grinning: I’m 46 and started to use Webflow about 4 years ago. I also have a education in interaction design. But before 2012 I didn’t use computer that much actually. So little more experience than you at the moment but I’m sure you’ll catch up.

Be sure to watch and read the documentation, watch the videos and don’t be afraid to ask “stupid” questions.

Welcome :beers:


It’s always great to be the best at something! :wink:

That will never happen :slight_smile: And if you learn how to write your requests, provinding sharing link to your project, telling on what page and what section the issue is, providing a screenshot and a draft of what you’re aiming at, you will always find someone to provide the best help, and quickly. Guaranteed.

Great introduction Jay, nice to meet you.

Edit; last best advice I could give you: don’t be afraid to learn about HTML and CSS. Take online courses not related to Webflow. Anything you learn on HTML and CSS will help you tremendously with handling Webflow. As simple as this.


Welcome Jay.

Quite the optimist ;).

Be who you are, what other people think will always change. I’m absolutely positive that you have plenty to offer. We all have to start somewhere.

Take care.



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