The firewall rejected baidu spider crawling

I am a webflow user from China. I have created multiple websites using webflow, such as: and

For google and bing, it can be crawled by search engines normally. But in China, most people use Baidu as the default search engine. When I analyzed the inclusion status of my website in Baidu, I found an abnormal prompt:

[socket read and write error]
When Baidu spider accesses the server and performs TCP communication, an exception occurs in socket reading and writing, causing the data to not be returned normally. Please check whether the server connection status and firewall settings are as expected.

Is it because webflow rejected Baidu crawler crawling? My website has not been included by You can get the results from Another site has not been included in the past year.

I have consulted a lot of information. For webflow’s domain name resolution, it is generally resolved to in the form of cname. When this domain name is accessed in different regions, it will be resolved to IPs in various places.

Server: RT-AC86U-BE20

Non-authoritative answer:

If a domain name under the same IP is penalized, it may indirectly affect the inclusion of other domain names under this IP.

For example, being demoted by a search engine or blacklisted due to violations may have a negative impact on the image and credibility of the entire IP address. This negative impact may cause search engines to have a certain sense of distrust in other websites under the entire IP address, thereby reducing the inclusion rate and ranking of these websites.

Once an IP is blacklisted by a search engine and your domain name happens to resolve to that IP address, all your SEO efforts will be in vain.