'The Editor is Open in Another Tab' Error

Hi all,

Have a retainer client that weekly publishes content to their site on their own. 97% of the time, everything works great and there are no issues. However, one editor, and only one, is having issues with just posting podcast episodes to the CMS.

When she tries to publish an episode, she gets an error that says ‘The Editor is Open in Another Tab’. I know having multiple sessions is a known issue, but she says that she only has the one session. She’s cleared her cache and cookies, and is using one browser, one window, and one tab.

This error doesn’t happen to anyone else. Only her. And only on this. We can’t figure it out.

Should I just delete her as an editor and add her back? Would that end any and all sessions?


Hi pixetalstudio,

Did you ever find a reason for this or a solution? I have a client who is facing the same problem - no other sessions open and also cleared the cookies/cache, has also tried incognito mode etc.