The direction Webflow is going?

I have deleted all my comments in reaction on 2 day BAN I have got from Webflow staff member without warning as slap over the fingers to be a good boy and “Cool Off” only for giving my honest opinion on new Webflow Price Plan that totally eliminated single freelances and is discussed in the same feel all over the internet across Webflow community on all social networks with more or less identical opinion. I will stay in silent form now on, Webflow.


To help clarify, our mission has been, from the beginning, to empower everyone to build for the web. This includes developers. Our ceo @callmevlad has spoken about this sentiment on our last livestream.

Hope this clears up any confusions :slight_smile:

EDIT: BTW, since your post was more of a general overall opinion, I’ve moved it to it’s own thread.

The direction? It’s $$$$ in their eyes. Anyone remember this thread… or this thread… from over a year ago? Both focused on customer feedback and the wishlist and how there would be more engagement. Guess what happened? Nothing. They went to the wishlist, marked everything as “reviewed” and called it a day.

Customer feedback seems to be an illusion here. Webflow is chasing money, not the interests of its user base. That is the direction it has been going, and will continue to go.


Reposting the Webflow mission does not alleviate any confusion when the actions being taken are seemingly not being reflected by the supposed intent. It just becomes doublespeak. We’ve been hearing community driven ideals by Webflow that “empower everyone” for years now. But their actions say something different.

It concerns me Webflow didn’t have the foresight to see there might be customer concerns over a 40% price increase. Or maybe they did and in true entrepreneurial evangelistic style, they thought they’d sneak it through by putting a positive spin on it and hope nobody would notice?


Couldn’t agree with this more.

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Surely after being backed by ROUND C funding – Capiltism non-sense will take over
No doubt with that one – But again, it’s a company shaped by many forces :slight_smile: