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The correct breakpoints of my design


Tell me, please, how to specify Min and Max W correctly for my site? With a width of 1024 px, I need the site to adapt to the tablet version.
In the body in the desktop version I want to specify Min W = 1025 px, and in the tablet — Max W = 1024 px. Will it work the way I want?

This is a site

Here is my site Read-Only:

You don’t need to specify min width for that case, just design it as you want it to show. Whenever you’re moving down to tablet make sure that the design looks the same as your desktop version.

Tablet breakpoint is under 996px so you shouldn’t need to work on that view to make it the same as desktop, maybe just resizing some parts of the design.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll try to change part of the design in the desktop version.