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The CMS object editor doesn't have an affordance for formatting text as a quote so, how can I do it?

Within the CMS object editor I can:
Highlight text and make it bold, italic, or a list item
Click the + button to add an image, media object, custom code block, or list.

How do I indicate that some text should have the “quote” styling?

Only way I can think of is to embed it as custom code? That can’t be it because it’s a very poor user experience - there is no way to preview my post without publishing it, and I don’t want to publish it until I preview it. Is that really the way to do it?

I was wrong, the affordance is present but I didn’t recognize it. To the UX team, I would recommend moving it to the left of the Heading buttons to make it more noticeable. Thank you!

You can do it by following this example.

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