The classic 2 contact forms, 2 email mystery

We’re trying to get Google Analytics to fire when a successful email is sent from two different forms going off to multiple people. I get the idea of making an alias email and having that forward on to multiple other addresses but is there a way I can have 2 forms going off to two different alias addresses? Right now I’m using @elfsight forms but i need successful form submits to register on our GA

If you’re using Elfsight’s form solution the analytics code should be there and not in webflow

OK, so I can add the anaylitics code to my form to send back successful email submits?

Yes, but make sure this is done in Elsight’s form panel

In Intergrations?

Or in that custom CSS field?

I just checked and noticed that Elfsight’s form builder doesn’t have a direct integration with GA.

What you can do is to create a page that the user will land after submitting the form, make this page not indexable not available through any link and just send people there after the form submission in Elfsight and then in GA make a visit to that page your conversion goal.

Hmm, send users off the site to a rando page after they submit an email?

Not a random page but a ‘thank you’ page inside your own site.

OK thanks, I’ll see how they feel about that solution.

If that’s not the best solution for them you can always do it through native webflow forms and integrate analytics in there as well. I had the feeling that you wanted to use elfsight’s forms but if that’s not your go to choice then there are other ways to implement what you want.

We have two forms on the site that need to go two different groups. So that’s 2 different outgoing email alias addresses are needed and since webflow only allows one outgoing email address I have to use Elsight.

Do you have access to ‘Logic’? That can help with that.

If not you can request access here: Workflow automation powered by Webflow Logic | Webflow