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The ?autoplay=1 extension no longer works for CMS video links

Hello there, we use to be able to add the “?autoplay=1” at the end of our YouTube links to make them autoplay when in lightbox. Now when I add the “?autoplay=1” extension on the url, the video is not recognized anymore and I am not able to save it. Old videos still autoplay, new videos can no longer have the ?autoplay=1.

Did you guys just decide to remove that feature or is it a third party thing?

Is anyone else having this issue? Are there other ways I can make a CMS video autoplay when in lightbox mode?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Here is a video showing the error:

Same here.

It looks like it is not a Webflow problem.

It is now functioning again, and the video URL can be added successfully.

Adding &autoplay=1 works well with lightbox buttons, auto-play video at pop-up.

( also remove irrelevant recommendations and Youtube branding )

I just looked around for this fix too. Thank you for asking this and the help Anthony.

It seems the issue is with ? vs. & — mine worked when I changed ? to &


Thank you for the suggestion Gorinp! I used the “&autoplay=1” and it is working again. :slight_smile: