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The appearance of posts (CMS), one after other

Is it possible to make the posts appear one after another? The first, then the second, then the third?

As here:

I can think of 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. Use an external Lazyload plugin (such as Vanila, Lazyload).

  2. Use a Webflow interaction. Create a wrapper div for the list items (lets give it a class of list-wrapper), and limit items number (lets say 3). Inside this wrapper create a wrapper for each of the items (lets give them classes of: 1st-item-wrapper, 2nd-item-wrapper, 3rd-item-wrapper). Duplicate the list-wrapper as much as needed so all of the items are showing (don’t forget to change for each wrapper the ‘start at’ number).
    Now you can have an interaction on “list-wrapper” - when it scrolls into view it triggers the 3 items wrappers, one by one.