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The 3rd attempt using webflow - Please read and critique

Hi All

I set myself a challenge to build a site based on a psd template I came across on dribble. I chose it because off it featured images and text edge to edge within the browser window.

When I first attempted it I got stuck having only just built the header…I even posted on the help forum about it here I've frozen during my first webflow build, my first post.

Fortunately I got MASSIVE help from @vincent who built a version himself based on the psd. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to screens cast his build, so on my 2nd attempt I was going back and forth comparing his to mine, but not really understanding what i was doing. After some time i got frustrated with my development. My naming convention went all over the place and I lost track and motivation. So I parked it for the day. And started again.

By the time of my third 3rd and current attempt I’d picked up a few more dos and don’ts …unfortunately once again messed up on my naming class naming conventions which through some things out of whack, have confused my margins with paddings, and I wont even start on my interactions. So thats been abandoned Perhaps attempt 4.

Anyway i thought it was a good time to share where i have left it. And would really appreciate some thorough positive critic on my approach. What i should’ve have done and what i have done correctly.

Thanks for your time guys.


I really think you should try it again ;) But… If this is your first site built with Webflow you should consider easier template since this one is pretty hard to do. Enjoy free templates available at Webflow and take a deep look on how they are built, their structure and used classes. Once you get the flow you will be able to build much more complicated websites with Webflow :)

Go for attempt #4 and even #99 if needed! Practise makes perfect!

Hi @TheBoyGeniuz

For your first website on webflow, it´s not bad. It would help if you know i little bit of CSS Structure.

About the design i have 2 things to say.

1 - Try to fix the “GO”, it´s to light

2 - Don´t forget to style your menu on responsive mode.

Hi @bartekkustra @Rui_Almeida

Thanks very much for the feed back truly appreciated. With regards to finishing the project, this is by no means complete. It was just my attempt number 3. I will attempt number 4 soon. I just wanted to refine and refine, repeating the process so i understood what and why i was doing things.

@bartekkustra Yeah its a pretty complex template. But Im beginning to get some ground with it, perhaps at attempt number 15, I will have finally got to grips on it.

@Rui_Almeida I’ve left the menu for another day. And yes some styling concerns. But my concerns is more about semantics and just understanding correct approaches.

Really what im hoping for is some dos and donts. What elements to use, when and how.

Thanks for the quick replies!