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Texture/Image on Title element (Type)

Hello everyone!
It’s been some time that I’d like to create an effect like that H1 bellow (image): Texture on Type.

Not really sure if we could do it with Webflow but I’m quite sure I’ve seen an example somewhere.
Can anybody help??

Trying to set up H1 like that on this test. Here’s the Read-Only and Public Link

Here is a video showing you how to do this as well as the code snippet below! Hope this helps you out! Happy Flowing :webflow_heart:

Watch Video Here

.texture {
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Thanks @Noah-R ! Such a complete feedback!!!
I just love you guys in Webflow Forum :slight_smile::smiley:

It’s done!

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Hey, my pleasure! I love the Webflow community too! Looks great dude!!! :call_me_hand:t3::muscle:t3: