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Text underline renders different size in smaller screen (::after)

I have a nav menu with a text underline (::after) on hover/current and it changes it’s size in a smaller screen for no reason. Same class, works fine on bigger screen.
Seems that first works fine, second goes “bolder”, third fine, fourth bolder, etc.

image 1920x1200 display

image 1920x1080 display

Chrome 77.0.3865.120
Any ideas about this?

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Already fixed, seems to be a render problem. It renders 2px height in my small screen and blur in small retina screen.
If I set bottom to 1 or 3 fails again.

.c-menu__nav-text {
    position: relative;
.c-menu__nav-text::after {
    	position: absolute;
      	bottom: 2px;

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