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Text typing animation issue

Hi! Im working on a template that has a text typing animation:

Everything is working fine but in the live view for mobile, when the text is erased the screen shrinks a little bit and then gets back to normal again. Its very uncomfortable to read since the whole page keeps moving. Does anyone has a fix for this? Thanks a lot in advance.

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If your text is too long, then it will push the text outside of the viewport and create horizontal scroll, which sounds like is what is happening.

I don’t think Typed.Js can be setup to automatically just animate the type onto a second line. I would suggest shortening what words you’re using or setting the header class to be in VW units on mobile. This way as you shrink the screen smaller, the text size will adapt for the width of the screen.

There can be different reasons for the text animation display issue. Might be Your mobile isn’t supporting the font style or size you are using. Or the text phrase you are using is lengthy so that cant be displayed on a mobile screen accurately. One more thing you can try another browser this can also solve your issue.