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Text tutorials preferable to video ones, agree?

A video tutorial sounds cool, but would you agree with me that sounding cool is the farthest it could go? I mean, with text tutorials I can skim to the paragraph where I need my solution and then read slowly and carefully the specific instructions relating to my problem.

Skimming is not possible with videos. When I finally reach the video segment I need replaying it is very inconvenient. And a video tutorial is difficult to update.

Could we please go back to what really works (in my opinion at least) instead of what of what seems fashionable?

As long as that is cost-effective…

I agree with @PixelGeek. I’m in many ways I’m personally a visual learner, loved the video tutorials when I first learned webflow, would of yawned and left if I had to of learned everything in webflow by reading, then I’d still be stuck coding everything :open_mouth:

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text tutorials should use screenshots, so it’s not that “unvisual”.