Text styling not updating in rich text block

Hi there Webflowers,

I am loosing my marbles to this issue, CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP?


I’m trying to update the font in the rich text blocks above and it just doesn’t want to change. Just stays as Arial/default font.

I’ve tried reconnecting/disconnecting the block from the CMS. No change.

Appreciate if you could take a look.


ps. I have another blog with the same styling and that works fine, could this be a glitch?!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Hamish_Duncan
Rich Text elements are tricky :sweat_smile:
Each element nested under the rich text element has it’s own styling, inherited from the HTML tag (H1, H2, H3… Paragraph, Lists, and so on…)
In order to change these styles when nesting inside rich text you need to:

  1. Unlink the Rich Text element from the CMS
  2. Select the child element inside that Rich Text- a Paragraph for example.
  3. Select “Nest selector inside of…”
  4. Style this element when it is nested only inside a Rich Text element with the classname of .journal_type_body

Hope this helps

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Awesome help, nice one!

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