Text sizing inconsistent between preview and published page

I’m experiencing an issue with text sizing within a dynamic list:

Here’s the read only link:
–navigate to the page titled ‘Interviews’ to see what I’m talking about.

You can see that there is a long passage of text in a paragraph element sized at 1em (16px) in each panel of the dynamic list. This is the size that I want the text to display, and it remains the desired size in preview mode.

On the published link: http://stirtoaction.webflow.io/interviews however, the text in this element displays at a smaller size, while the other elements retain their specified sizing. This is the case both in Firefox 41 and Chrome 46, and between my 20" imac and my 13" macbook pro. Does anyone have an idea why this might be the case?

Hi @Maxwell,
It seems to me, that it is issue with the font family. I don’t know the deep reason, but this font been rendering different
in the designer preview mode

and on published site

Hi @Maxwell, thanks @sabanna for taking a look. To me, it seems that the font size in em units on the Interview Listing Quote class might be causing the issue.

Try changing the font size to pixels and see if that cures the issue:

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