Text showing up in preview but not in live site


I can see the text in preview mode inside webflow but not in the published staging site. I did see it yesterday…

The problem is at section-benefits

What might cause the problem?

Here is my site Read-Only (Webflow - Somalab)

Here is the staging domain

Hi @Saltiola7

Looks ok to me on both designer and staging.

Sorry for the confusion, but this is the section Im talking about

@Saltiola7 it shows up when highlighted, might you have set the text-color to transparent or something?


I did not have the text color as transparent, but as I set the text color to white again, it started to work…

Yeah, I just took a look at that… it looks like there was actually NO COLOR set at all, which is weird.
It says #000000 but the color selector doesn’t match that… I think it just had… no color?